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About this site:


This site is designed for those that operate a business and are focused on increasing their returns from the business.  These returns may be financial returns however they may also be returns in terms of a better quality of life, greater sense of achievement and enjoyment.


While the contents of this site are useful for all business operators they are targeted to the owner operated business


The information on here is not a substitute for professional advice but more a place to come to get answers, ideas and business tools.  It contains significant resources to help you grow your returns from your business.  This site will continue to grow as we convert our standard business resources into a form suitable for the net.  So if you have any questions or specific areas that are not addressed yet, please let us know.


Link to our most popular page - the longterm weightloss guide provide great calculators and information about healthy living.

Overview of Business Resources

We see business has having seven key areas:





These seven areas provide the basic framework for the site.   As well there will be special areas for:

  • Start up business

  • Home based business

  • Business tools and calculators

  • Free downloads and trials

  • Products

  • Useful links



If you have a valuable product or service for small business we invite you to contact us.  We also look forward to your contact if you have ideas or specific questions.

We trust this is the start of a great partnership.


Heart Rate Training Zones

Learn about the relationship between heart beat rates and training benefits

Healthy Eating

A simple healthy eating nutrition guide


Use visualisation techniques to assist you to improve your success at achieving goals

Goal Setting

Advice on effective techniques for setting and achieving goals

Growth Plan

Learn about growing your business, personal and family achievements

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