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In an owner operated business it is usual that the most valuable resource the business has is the owners.  However, this resource is often undervalued and little attention is paid to looking after and developing this resource.

The business will operate much more effectively when the owners are happy, healthy and enjoying their work.





To support this, introduce a  Key Player Development Plan in your business.  This plan will help your key players develop their Body, Mind and Spirit. 

How much would they benefit from improving their exercise, diet, sleep, attitude, focus and ability to deal with stress.


Recent research by the applied business research organisation, Growth Plan Pty Ltd, has shown a positive link between business profitability and a regular exercise program by owners. learn more about the value of exercise

Healty eating


Our diet impacts on us in various ways; our energy levels, our weight, our general health.  And, diet is one of those areas that is very controllable if we only pay attention to it and develop a better knowledge of how it impacts upon us.  Embarking on a healthy eating program can help you feel better, lose weight, live longer, have more energy and be more productive. learn more about healthy eating


A positive attitude is a viscous circle a delightfully vicious circle.  A positive attitude will provide you with more energy and more enjoyment that will rub off on the people working with you and flow on to your clients, who will enjoy dealing with you more and so your business will enjoy more success and you will have even more reason to be positive. Learn more about positive attitude


How many times have we seen people pushing too hard, worried about deadlines or problems, and eventually becoming sick.  Thankfully, most often this sickness is just a call from our weakest link (eg a cold, ulcers, sore throat, stomach upsets) telling us to slow down.  Our weak link acts as our canary in mines.  This, at least gives us defined boundaries, which say now is the time to change what we are doing to reduce the stress on our body. learn more about coping with Stress

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