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According to Russell Ackoff:


“The thing to do with the future is not to forecast it but to create it

The object of planning is to design your desirable future and invent ways to bring it about”.


This is a great model on which to build your business success and  suggests your starting point is to develop your business vision.  Then develop a

business plan that enables you to achieve this vision.  This is supported by the research findings of FJ Story who found in his research of America's 100 fastest growing companies that “All of the people involved in growing their own businesses have a crystal clear vision as to where they want to get in the long term”.


The real starting point therefore comes with setting your own goals.  You need to determine you own personal goals so that you know what your business needs to do to so that you achieve these goals.  For many people their business is the key vehicle for achieving their goals.


If you are not sure How to set goals visit goalsetting.biz for some great guidance. When you have set your personal goals you can use similar strategies to set your business goals.


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